Warp Riders – Chapter 45

Later, while the Bosun and the Stowaway properly emptied Lucy’s remaining things out of her bunk, the Captain limped in her splint down the hall to the helm, where the Navigatrix sat, contemplating not one, but two weightless orbs. She looked up as the Captain entered, a little wary.

The Captain leaned back on the console beside the orbs, and stared at her hands for a moment. Her right knuckles were darkening from a greenish yellow to a very, very deep purple.

She inhaled, and looked her time wizard in the eye. “You have got to stop pulling heroic stunts like that.”

“You first,” said the Navigatrix. She reached out and took the Captain’s right hand, stared at the bruises. “I don’t think I’m solely responsible for this whole mess…”

The Captain nodded. “I’ve been an asshole for a while.” The Navigatrix tilted her head. “And I’m sorry.”

That got a smile.

“You thinking of changing your ways, Captain?”

“Not much. Just have some small adjustments in mind.” She grabbed the Navigatrix’s other hand and held them both. “If you’re interested.” 

The Navigatrix smiled at her. “Try me.”

“Well, what if we… took a break.”

“A break?”

“Just .. just you and me.” The Navigatrix was grinning. “Pick out a nice warm planet to lounge around on.” Was it working? Was it actually working? “Maybe go visit some cheesy cafes and theme restaurants?”

The Navigatrix laughed and pulled her Captain into her lap. “You know, I think I could make time for that.”


~ e n d ~

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