About the Author

Shel Kahn is an artist who read too many books as a kid.

They were never going to resist the siren call of writing fiction – in fact, they wrote their first novel (360+ double sided, double spaced, handwritten Hilroy Academic Notebook pages) on the schoolbus in grade 9. Their idea notebook spans many genres, but they’re most likely to write worlds with a hint of magic, whether in the past, present, or future.

They’ve also been known to write tabletop rpg adventures, webcomics, and many terrible puns. When they’re not writing, it’s likely they’re drawing, sometimes for fiction, but also for videogames, tabletop games, and many, many independent projects.

You can reach them by email at shel@portablecity.net. They also post on Twitter, share art and more on the Portable City, and publish webcomics on the Weald Comics website.

gaston, horrified by a book with no pictures