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I’ve been writing more; but I don’t feel like waiting till I’m finished a piece to share it. So I’ll post things here as they get written. Expect writing that’s fantasy, sci-fi, horror, mystery, and probably at least a little queer.

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Newest Warp Riders

  • Warp Riders – Chapter 45
    Later, while the Bosun and the Stowaway properly emptied Lucy’s remaining things out of her bunk, the Captain limped in her splint down the hall to the helm, where the Navigatrix sat, contemplating not one, but two weightless orbs.

Newest Wolf Neighbours

  • Wolf Neighbours – Chapter 10
    As Miter finished his own trading, he saw Gove was still talking to Empul; they did not look like they had reached any sort of agreement. As he came closer, he could hear Gove quizzing the blacksmith.

Catch up on the news:

  • Serializing a new story!
    I’ve started posting chapters from a pulpy sci-fi adventure novella, tentatively titled Warp Riders! I wrote this story live on twitter in November 2021, and I am so glad I did! It was so much fun to write this motley selection of queer space pirates; I felt like I was getting to know them along with everyone who was reading as I wrote.
  • Launching!
    Hi friends; I thought it might be nice to make an archive for my writing, especially those pieces that are getting waaaaayyy too long for twitter!